On 15th August 25, 2017 a meeting of Partners working to support FP was convened at the Ministry of Health headquarters with the aim of planning wider dissemination of the Uganda Alternative Distribution Strategy for contraceptives and selected Reproductive Health (RH) commodities. The strategy aims at availing public contraceptives and selected RH commodities through non –routine distribution channels to ensure that every need for Family Planning is met. The different partners discussed ways in which family planning and Reproductive Health supply commodities would be availed to all regions and districts. The distribution Strategy recommends when and through which channels to distribute.

Access Global Limited, a proud partner of Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition was part of the meeting.

Access Global Limited is a private company based in Uganda to provide services of Research and Consultancy with a unique focus of strengthening supply chains for Health in developing countries. Then company supports both Public and Private Organizations that include Governments, UN and Development Agencies.

The Alternative Distribution Strategy is led by Ministry of Health Uganda. Under the strategy, where family planning and selected Reproductive Health Commodities are distributed through innovative mechanisms that aim at increasing uptake of commodities at health facilities and reducing stock outs in Private  health facilities. Under this strategy, the Ministry of Health signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG) to distribute health products.

While presenting the strategy, Mr. Were Lawrence, the Reproductive Health Commodity Security Coordinator discussed the six rights of supply chains which simplify distribution; the right commodities, the right quantities, the right quality, the right conditions, the right place and the right cost.

The available commodities for distribution under Alternative Distribution Strategy: Oral pills(Microgynon, Lofemenol, Ovrette and Microlut),Injectables (Depo-Provera and other injectable contraceptives),barrier commodities(Copper T380A),Condom Male and Female, Implants(Jadelle, Implanon, sino implants and other agreed brands,  emergency contraceptives  and selected Reproductive Health Products(Misoprostol, Delivery kits and other RH products  that may be specified from time to time)

For more information about the ADS Strategy visit MOH ADS Strategy 2016-2021 and Redistibution Strategy for Prevention of Expiry and Handling of Expired medicines and Health Supplies

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