With exception of the myths and side effects, social-economic factors such as education levels and religious beliefs are some of the reasons that have been long associated to the low contraceptive uptake. Educated women are easier to sensitize on contraceptive use than the uneducated. Likewise couples subscribing to beliefs of particular religions that preach against contraceptives are most likely not to use contraceptive methods than those whose religions are silent about contraceptives.


Uganda Demographic Health survey (UDHS 2016) reveals that 28% of married and 32% of unmarried women who are sexually active still have an unmet need for family planning services. Of those with the unmet need for family planning services, 31.1% are illiterate, completely with no education,30.5% and 23.4% have attained primary and secondary level education respectively while 20.7% are those who are educated past secondary education level.


Usually, religion is another social-economic barrier that affects the uptake of contraceptives. Moses Okello, the population officer of Dokolo district during our interaction on how the district was performing as regards to family planning in October 2017, stated that religion was a big obstacle to the contraceptive uptake. He also mentioned that in the district catholic leaders are preaching against contraceptives, urging their followers not to engage themselves in such activities. He observed this as a big challenge to their district because the catholic religion is the biggest; constituting 38% percent of the district population compared to other religious beliefs.


Archbishop Cyprain Kizito Lwanga in one of his speeches cautioned the government about policies that contradict church teachings. He said the Roman Catholic Church is in support of only the natural birth control methods, therefore catholic couples should be faithful to the church teachings and avoid modern contraceptives. (www.monitor.co.ug/News/National/Religious-leaders-parents-oppose-govt-policy-on-contraceptives/688334-3808094-dfk3r/index.html)

natural contraceptives

  One of the natural birth control method

In regard to the above Mufti Mubajje also once mentioned that Allah takes care of his people hence there was no reason to be hesitant in bringing children into the world. (www.monitor.co.ug/News/National/Religious-leaders-parents-oppose-govt-policy-on-contraceptives/688334-3808094-dfk3r/index.html)


Therefore, for as long as social-economic barriers affecting contraceptive uptake are unattended to, Uganda will find a challenge achieving its Vision 2020 due to failure of influencing the population growth.



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