Family planning is when couples control when to become pregnant through the use of family planning methods (Contraceptives).In the old days, couples gave birth to large numbers of children regardless of their inability to provide for them. However in the current times couples are encouraged to only give birth to children they can cater for and this is through using family planning services.


Family planning services consist of methods which exist in short term reversible methods, long term reversible methods as well as long term irreversible methods. Each of these methods may have different mild side effects after being administered which subside after a few months as stated in the drafted guidelines by Ministry of Health about of managing side effects.


According to Dr Henry Bukenya a gynecologist at Mulago National referral hospital as quoted in an article about how different birth control methods work,( Daily monitor,2014),Contraceptives are not supposed to interfere with one’s health. Nevertheless, if the unsuitable method is used and the mild side effects turn severe, they become an interference in one’s health. .The turning of mild side effects to severe can be prevented when clients choose a suitable method. This can only happen if health workers counsel clients on the various family planning methods and in return clients inform the health workers of any health conditions they possess


A Contraceptive method suitable for one woman may not be appropriate to another since their body hormones may react differently. Ministry of Health guidelines on managing side effects mentions that clients who do not follow proper instructions for use of modern contraceptives make some side effects worse. Therefore,in order to come in contact with such information clients  need to consult the health workers through counseling.


Professor Florence Mirembe during the FP2020 conference, advised stakeholders to ensure training of more health workers is done to offer counselling to FP clients to enable them make right choices.


Accordingly, it is advisable that regardless to the client’s personal interest towards a particular family planning method, health workers should ensure clients are counseled on various family planning methods and their possible side effects.


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