Access Global Ltd is a private limited company based in Uganda to provide services of health procurement and supply chain management. We provide consultancy and training, Technical Assistance and project implementation support to Governments, UN agencies and other Development Organizations.

We are proud members of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (


Membership certificate Access Global Ltd


  1. Strategic planning and capacity building
    • Systems Design and strengthening
    • Pharmaceutical Information Systems and intermediary (infomediary) services
    • Quantification and procurement planning
  2. Procurement and supply chain management Audits and Assurance
    • Vendor management agency
    • Verification of third-party claims and invoices
    • Verification of last mile delivery and investigating commodity leakages
  3. Supply chain Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Surveys (baseline, control and routine)
    • Continuous monitoring and surveillance for commodity security
    • Mid-term evaluations and end of program evaluations
  4. Technical Representation
    • Health goods registration with regulatory authorities and continued support
    • Clearance with regulatory authorities and expediting at ports of entry

We support the take stock movement!