Absence of Reproductive Health Commodity Security (RHCS) undermines development of Uganda.

According to the National population and housing census report 2014 by Uganda Bureau of Statistics, Uganda has seen great population growth from 2.4 million in 1911 to 34.6 million in 2014 with an increasing population growth rate from 1.5 percent to 3 percent by 2014. Uganda Family Planning Costed implementation plan (2016-2020) developed in 2014… Read More

Reproductive Health commodities and their use

Dear Reader, Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Ventrine Marion Chelimo. I am a Pharmacist by profession and a Research Analyst with Access Global Limited since 2017. As a Pharmacist, I am committed to provide health services and knowledge related to medicines as a contribution towards ensuring a healthy society in an… Read More