Reproductive Health commodities and their use

Dear Reader, Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Ventrine Marion Chelimo. I am a Pharmacist by profession and a Research Analyst with Access Global Limited since 2017. As a Pharmacist, I am committed to provide health services and knowledge related to medicines as a contribution towards ensuring a healthy society in an… Read More

Why stock-out and expiration of medicines occur in developing countries: Our commitment for the year 2018

January 26-27, 2018 the team at Access Global retreated at Ridar Hotel in Mukono to renew our commitments and we are more determined to address the challenge of stock-out and expiration of essential medicines in developing countries. Health commodities are essential for delivery of health care. However, according to a United Nations Report – the… Read More

Counselling on Various family planning methods may help reduce cases of severe side effects

  Family planning is when couples control when to become pregnant through the use of family planning methods (Contraceptives).In the old days, couples gave birth to large numbers of children regardless of their inability to provide for them. However in the current times couples are encouraged to only give birth to children they can cater… Read More

Social-Economic factors still affecting the Uptake of contraceptives.

With exception of the myths and side effects, social-economic factors such as education levels and religious beliefs are some of the reasons that have been long associated to the low contraceptive uptake. Educated women are easier to sensitize on contraceptive use than the uneducated. Likewise couples subscribing to beliefs of particular religions that preach against… Read More

What’s the solution to teenage pregnancies?

Teenage pregnancy has always been a long term challenge in Uganda threatening the economic development of the country as a number of school going girl- child reduces due to various complications that encompass it. A cultural leader in Dokolo district Christopher Odwee once commented that without education Uganda will not achieve its development goals which… Read More

Uganda National Family Planning Conference 2017 – Low understanding of the importance of Family Planning drives the High Fertility rate in Uganda

Uganda held the 2nd National Family Planning Conference at Serena Hotel On 26th and 27th of September 2017 under the theme “Universal access to Family Planning (FP) for healthier and empowered communities towards social and economic development.” The conference was to enlighten participants about family planning and Reproductive Health services to eradicate poverty from Uganda… Read More

FP partners meeting held at Ministry of Health on Alternative Distribution Strategy

On 15th August 25, 2017 a meeting of Partners working to support FP was convened at the Ministry of Health headquarters with the aim of planning wider dissemination of the Uganda Alternative Distribution Strategy for contraceptives and selected Reproductive Health (RH) commodities. The strategy aims at availing public contraceptives and selected RH commodities through non… Read More

Counseling on side effects of Family Planning Services remains low in Uganda

At a breakfast meeting organized by Makerere school of Public Health at Serena Hotel on 17th August 2017, information was disseminated on the PMA2020 round 5 survey findings on Family Planning Services. The survey is conducted using questionnaires to households, health services and women. The survey results show an increase in uptake of Family Planning… Read More