Do you know your national priorities?

The Uganda budget framework paper 2014/15 states our national priorities as follows: 2.1 STRATEGIC BUDGET PRIORITIES FOR FINANCIAL YEAR 2014/15 2.1.1 Security and Defence 2.1.2 Infrastructure Development 2.1.3 Energy Infrastructure 2.1.4 Science, Technology and Innovation for Industrialization and Private Sector Competitiveness 2.1.5 Agricultural Production and Productivity 2.1.6 Tourism 2.1.7 Human Capital Development Education Health Water,… Read More

Post–shipment testing of condoms: Strengthening Quality Assurance for Reproductive Health commodities including male condoms and female condoms

In 2004, the National Drug Authority (NDA) established the post shipment testing policy for condoms in Uganda. The policy followed closely on quality concerns over a popular public sector condom brand, the “Engabu Condom”. The policy requires samples of all condom shipments to pass quality tests after arriving in the country and before distribution, in… Read More

Sustainable health commodity security in face of declining donor funding

Health care depends on the supply of medicines and other health commodities. Without a steady supply of these commodities, health facilities suffer stock outs and health workers are unable to provide appropriate services. It is therefore important to ensure that health workers and the public can at all time freely access, obtain and use health… Read More

Alternative distribution strategy to increase access to Contraceptives and selected Reproductive Health Commodities in Uganda

Uganda is implementing an alternative distribution strategy to increase access to Reproductive Health Commodities across the country. The strategy is intended to increase uptake of contraceptives and other RH commodities at the public service delivery points by 50% annually; and to reduce the number of service delivery points experiencing stock outs of contraceptives and other… Read More