Access Global was nominated for the 2015 take stock award  of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC). The nomination was based on their work financed under the UN commission on life saving commodities and undertaken with partner organizations like Reproductive Health Uganda to address three main objectives:

  1. Analysis on quantification of need for female condoms by identifying key strengths and weaknesses and building consensus on key bottlenecks in supply chains.
  2. Develop guidelines for national quantification of needs for female condom.
  3. Pilot the guidelines for national quantification of needs for female condoms.

According to the nomination available at, “the analysis conducted by Access Global has provided valuable insight into the strengths, opportunities, weakness and threats to a complete integration of the female condom as an accepted life-saving commodity in Uganda.”

For more information about the female condom project and other related projects please contact Access Global:

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